Solid Wall Insulation

At The Eco Option ltd we know that solid walls let twice as much heat escape as cavity walls. Insulating them makes a great deal of sense, especially as It’s possible to insulate either the inside or the outside of your walls. Like most things though each option has its pros and cons.

While most cavity wall can be insulated relatively quickly, solid wall insulation is a more time consuming and considerably greater undertaking to take on board. However, once finished it’s worth noting that your savings on your heating bills will be greater too!

If you are keen to save money on your energy bills, why wouldn’t you be?  and save up to £350 on your gas and electricity bills. It only takes a few minutes to run through the benefits with us, and we are sure you will be glad you did.


Does my home have solid walls?

The house you are living in probably has solid external walls rather than cavity walls, If your home was built before 1920. Cavity Walls as we know them today did not really come into widespread use in the UK until after the 1920’s generally speaking.


you can also tell if you live in a brick-built home,  by checking the thickness of your external walls. It is best to do this by measuring them in an external doorway or window. If a wall is less than 10 inches thick, it’s probably solid.

Some houses have a different type of wall structure altogether. If your house is a steel-frame or timber-framed building, or is made from pre-fabricated concrete, then you will need to ask a specialist insulation installer to advise you.

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Solid Wall Insulation Example of likely Savings