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Solar Thermal


Solar Thermal systems, when installed in conjunction with a primary method of hot water generation are suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications. As a renewable technology Solar energy can provide up to 50% of a building's hot water demands, and Solar Thermal installations have been shown to be extremely popular on both new build and refurbishment projects. It is equally important to consider the primary method of providing hot water.

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All new heating system installations should include Solar Thermal

This will allow you to benefit from lower energy consumption and also look forward to lower monthly energy bills. By installing solar collectors, you are demonstrating your commitment to protecting the environment by sustainably lowering CO2 emissions, and investing in solar technology also increases the value of your property.

Just some of the benefits of a solar water heating system:



A solar heating system can cut your heating bills by up to 90% in the summer and up to 30% in the winter, on average this equates to approximately  50-70% reduction in your hot water heating costs annually.


Households create almost 30% of all CO2 emitted in Ireland and the UK. As a result of installing a Firebird solar collector, the emission of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere is reduced by approximately 1 tonne.

Energy Independence

With decreasing reserves of fossil fuels and increasing reliance on distant suppliers, you and your family will be cushioned from future fuel shortages and price increases.

Boiler Maintenance

There is less wear and tear on your boiler.

Building Energy Rating (BER) (SAP for the UK)

The addition of a solar water heating system can have a dramatic impact on your BER/SAP, leading to an increase in house value.

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DHW (Domestic Household Water) heating and central heating backup with solar energy Solar thermal systems are the perfect choice for DHW heating and central heating backup. By harnessing freely available solar energy, you can save on the use of fossil fuels. What's more, investments in solar thermal energy pay off in just a few years.

Why Solar?

With ever rising fossil fuel costs, renewable energy is the way forward for both domestic and commercial premises. The energy from the sun is free, abundant in supply and available throughout the year.  There is a general misconception that Ireland and the UK do not have adequate solar energy for systems to be efficient. Energy gain from the sun is defined as irradiance and believe it or not, parts of Ireland and the UK have the equivalent values to Paris or 60% of that of the equator. However, the level is not consistent all year round, with levels varying significantly between summer and winter.

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The principles of Solar Thermal water heating systems