Cavity Wall Insulation

Apart from the roof of your property, the walls are the largest building surfaces that can cause heat loss.

As energy costs continue to rise and households strive to become as energy efficient as possible, Cavity Wall Insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing your heating bills.

A typical household with Cavity Wall Insulation can save over £100 per year on energy bills. Without it, up to a third of the heat in your home will be escaping through your walls.

With energy suppliers increasing their prices Cavity Wall Insulation will help you to reduce your energy bills and stop wasting money on heating the air outside.

If you act fast, you could also claim a Government-backed grant to cover all or most of the installation cost.

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Why Insulate Your Walls?

Cavity wall insulation is something that a lot of homes out there can take advantage of. Many homes and buildings have been constructed using cavity walls – the problem is, those cavities have been left empty. By filling those cavities with insulation you can dramatically reduce heat loss through the walls of your property – leading to large savings on energy bills. It is a simple, practical way in which to save money on energy bills.

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Warming and Cooling Insulation

The suprising thing about cavity wall insulation is that it does not just keep you warm, in the summer it also provides a barrier against heat gain, so it also helps keep your property cooler during those summer months – another welcome advantage that a lot of people don’t foresee. With energy bills constantly rising and the temperature dropping, here's your chance to take advantage of free funding for insulation improvements through the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and affordable warmth scheme.

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